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Пятница, 23 Февраля 2018


SIVAM designs and assembles the Powerlift, a hydraulic long stroke pumping units to use in sucker rod completions.
Listed are several advantages with using our long stroke oil well pumps compared with classic beam pumps:

  • More economical
  • Possibility to have a very long stoke (up to 9 mt) and therefore to work at same production rate but at lower speed with a significant increase in sucker rod pump efficiency
  • Powerlift is easily installed (3 hours) and does not need a cement slab
  • Ability to change speed simply by turning a regulation valve
  • Ideal for high GOR and viscous oil


Pump unit performance calculator

Data required
Pump Bore ø
Watercut %


Beam pump Vs. Powerlift

Production (Bpd):
Stroke length: 3
Stroke per minute (SPM): 9
Production (Bpd):
Stroke length: 9
Stroke per minute (SPM): 6
Note: Please consider these are theoretical data that need to be integrated by well data.


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