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  • XL-Hydraulic Pumping Unit
  • Powerlift
  • Control Line Protector
  • Spooling Unit
  • Acoustic Well Sounder &am…
  • Electric Heater
  • Chemical Injection Pump

XL-Hydraulic Pumping Unit

The XL hydraulic pumping unit is SIVAM’s all NEW surface mounted artificial lift system for sucker rod completions to extract crude oil and water for oil wells.

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SIVAM designs and assembles the Powerlift, a hydraulic long stroke pumping unit to use in sucker rod completions.

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Control Line Protector

SIVAM’S CONTROL LINE PROTECTORS are designed to provide excellent protection of control lines and/or cables during running in. The protectors prevent the cables/control lines from twisting, crushing and also from

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Spooling Unit

SIVAM designs, manufactures and assembles Spooling Units for running of control line/injection lines or mono-conductor cables.

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Acoustic Well Sounder & Dynamometer

The Well Analyzer is a computerized instrument for acquiring acoustic liquid level data, acoustic pressure transient data, dynamometer data in one compact package.

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Electric Heater

SIVAM has designed and assembled a heating unit to increase crude oil temperature  reducing its viscosity and making it possible to be pumped easily through the pipe lines.

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Chemical Injection Pump

When high viscosity of the chemical is a problem we have designed a system which automatically switches to solvents in order to re-establish the required rate and pressure.

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Products & Services

Sivam offers a wide range of products & services, focused on finding continous technologal solutions to the global challanges in the Oil & Gas industry.

Industrial Division

Sivam в 2002 году вступила в промышленный сектор с Отдела "анти-загрязнения и экологической"


Sivam is a fast growing company welcoming any young flexible and dynamic human resources, seriously willing to work in a stimulating, highly valuable career opportunity.

Компания Sivam является частной компанией, зарегистрированной в соответствии с итальянским законодательством, является молодая и динамично развивающаяся нефтяная компания и промышленное сервис-ориентированной коммерциализация продукции, которая была на рынке с 1995 года.Тем не менее, все ноу-хау происходит от...

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65010, Spoltore (PE), ITALY
Телефон: +39 085 4972130
Факс: +39 085 4973667

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