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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Secondary Recovery Products and Services

{jcomments off}Sivam represents and distributes the following companies’ products and services:

Plunger lift product and system manufacturer for wells with decreasing production rates with problems related to excessive water production as well as paraffin, salt or scale problem wells which need to restore production rapidly.

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Norris provides a wide range of sucker rods and accessories that are used to make up the mechanical assembly between the surface and downhole components.
Sivam only distribute Norris products.

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Producer of downhole pumps and accessories. Harbison-Fischer is a leader in this sector and is known for the quality of their products.

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Accessories for oilwell pumping equipment. Ratigan is dedicated to producing the finest special accessories and the development of new tools.

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Jenex is specialized in the supply of products for the Oil, Gas, Water and Petrochemical Industries. Supplier of Valves, Pumps, Level Control & Tank Gauging Systems, Safety Relief Valves and Oil & Gas Field Equipment & Controls.

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R&M Energy Systems has a rich history of innovation in providing leading-edge system solutions for the oil and gas exploration and recovery industries, as well as niche industrial markets. In 1955, R&M Energy Systems, then Moyno Oilfield Products, pioneered the development of progressing cavity power sections for down-hole drilling. The company is also credited with the invention of the Moyno® Down-Hole Pump used for crude oil extraction and gas well dewatering.

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