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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Well Analyzer Equipment

The Well Analyzer is a computerized instrument for acquiring acoustic liquid level data, acoustic pressure transient data, dynamometer data in one compact package. The Well Analyzer consists of a notebook computer and electronics package housed in a rugged case. The computer controls data acquisition, processes and analyzes the data, and displays the results. Superior state-of-the-art sigma-delta technology digitizes the signals from the various transducers.


Why Well Analyzer?

  • Understand what well is doing
  • Increase Oil and Gas Production
  • Expend less Time and Effort
  • Reduce Operating Expenses (compared to Wireline services)

Siince April 2010 Sivam is offering Acoustic Well Sounder and Dynamometer services.


Acusting Well Sounder Test

The Well Analyzer uses a gas gun assembly and pressure transducer. The pressure transducer permits a faster and more accurate determination of the casing pressure buildup rate. The computer utilizes the acoustic data and casing pressure buildup data in conjunction with the well's data base to calculate the following well analysis: Dynamic Liquid Level, Static Liquid Level, Static BHP, Producing BHP, Hole in the Tubing, Hole in the Casing, Valve Testing.


Dynamometer Test

The Well Analyzer is used with dynamometer load cells to gather dynamometer data which is processed and analyzed to determine the loading and performance of the surface unit, rod string, and the downhole pump. Two dynamometer load cells are available. The polished rod transducer is attached to the polished rod below the carrier bar. Generally, the pumping unit can be operating during the installation of the polished rod transducer. The horseshoe transducer is a very accurate load cell for performing a more complete dynamometer analysis including precise measurement of valve loads and mechanical torque analysis.

The accelerometer built into both dynamometers provides a compact, convenient and inexpensive technique to determine polished rod position and surface dynagraph by plotting load versus position. A downhole pump dynagraph is calculated for determination of pump performance. Traveling and standing valve tests can be performed. The horseshoe transducer can be used to obtain a mechanical torque analysis on the gearbox. A permissible load diagram is displayed.