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Sunday, 17 December 2017
Rental Equipment

SIVAM offers the following equipment with or without personnel on a rental basis: Powerlift and XL Hydraulic Pumping Units, Spooling Unit and Half moon sheave, Acustic Well Sounder & Dynamometer, Incinerator, Off-Shore basket.


  • Hydropneumatic pumps for pressure tests – 5.000, 15.000 and 30.000 psi range
  • Pressure recorders
  • Power generators – from 15 to 400HP
  • Compressors – from 100 to 500 lt. – from 100 to 4500 psi (breathing air)
  • Lighting systems for job sites – explosion proof and non
  • Portable office boxes, portable WC boxes
  • Fluid displacement pumps, High capacity centrifuge pumps
  • Water and oil tanks, Nitrogen bottles with pressure regulators
  • Test subs
  • Industrial Hydrocleaners
  • Submersed electrical pumps
  • Hydraulic jack for wellheads
  • Manual and hydraulic grease pumps and grubbers

SIVAM also offers the following services:

  • Maintenance and industrial services
  • Maintenance of well sites
  • Wellhead and valve greasing and wall thicknes tests

Sivam offers Off-Shore baskets on rental basis. The baskets are certified according to EN ISO 12079 and DNV 2.7.1. Various sizes that meet our Client's needs are available. Don't hesitate…
SIVAM engineers high efficiency incinerators to fit specific client applications. SIVAM incinerators have performed consistently and have been proven to be effective, economical, efficient, safe and easy to operate in…


The XL hydraulic pumping unit is SIVAM’s all NEW surface mounted artificial lift system for sucker rod completions to extract crude oil and water for oil wells. The XL utilizes…
SIVAM designs and assembles the Powerlift, a hydraulic long stroke pumping units to use in sucker rod completions.Listed are several advantages with using our long stroke oil well pumps compared…
SIVAM also designs, manufactures and assembles Spooling Units and Half Moon Sheaves for running of control line/injection line or mono-conductor cable. This equipment is needed when cables go very deep…
The Well Analyzer is a computerized instrument for acquiring acoustic liquid level data, acoustic pressure transient data, dynamometer data in one compact package. The Well Analyzer consists of a notebook…