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Wednesday, 24 January 2018


SIVAM engineers high efficiency incinerators to fit specific client applications.

SIVAM incinerators have performed consistently and have been proven to be effective, economical, efficient, safe and easy to operate in the disposal of waste gasses.













· Measured combustion efficiency in excess of 99.9%

· Improves air quality and reduces greenhouse gases

· No odour, soot, smoke or visible flame

· No emission of products of incomplete combustion

· Complete combustion of hydrocarbons to CO2 and H2O

· Complete combustion/incineration of H2S as the temperature exceeds 600°C

· Optimal dispersion of SO2 when combusting sour gas

· Efficient equipment spacing results in smaller lease/footprint

· Low impact


· Lowers operating costs and reduces fuel gas usage

· Reduces site capital costs by minimizing equipment

· Closer spacing minimizes lease size and piping costs

· Community well-being potentially avoiding costly hearings

· Single incinerator processes variable pressure waste gas streams concurrently

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