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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Control Line Protector

Sivam has a complete line of Control line and ESP Cable Protectors. The company has developed a line of products for most common sizes of completion tubing. Both the single protector, Kwik and the dual completion version, B-Kwik, are very robust, forged steel with rapid connectors. Both cross coupling and middle joint types are available. The main feature of these protectors is the absolute absence of any hang up points, that is why Sivam can guarantee that these protectors will go in and out of the hole without any hang ups.

The engineering department is also available for special combinations of power cable and hydraulic or mono-conductor lines for any size tubing.

Sivam has designed a range of Multi-kwik protectors(patent pending nr. RM2007A000624) which adapts to any cable size.

Some of our most requested Protectors can be found in the chart below:

kwik types

We will design protectors for:

ANY SIZE tubing or coiled tubing

ANY GEOMETRY of casing/tubing

ANY COMBINATION of power or injection or control line

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